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About us

W. Cawthorne & Son Ltd was established in 1868 by William Cawthorne in the Warwickshire town of Nuneaton. In the early days of business, Cawthornes printed several items required by the local community such as auction sale posters, card catalogue bill-heads, note paper cards and the Nuneaton Parish Church monthly magazine, all from the market place shop.

Business operations grew steadily until around 1906, when a fatal traffic accident occurred in Newdigate Street which in-turn triggered road-widening plans in the vicinity of the Cawthornes building. The demolition of the Cawthornes building was included in the road remodelling plans and so a new premises was required to house the print works and shop. Initially operations moved into rented accommodation within the town centre but in 1908, two years after the fatal incident, the Cawthornes business moved into a newly built premises on Corporation Street, where Cawthornes is still operating to this very day over 105 years later.

Today, Cawthornes still offers a fantastic print service providing an array of printed products from the small right up to the large. Cawthornes also provides office supplies, both from our superstore located on Corporation Street, Nuneaton, and from our online store. Digital design services are also offered, along with a web design service. Ask about our services today!

The original W. Cawthornes & Son building, located in Nuneaton's town centre.

The current Cawthornes building built in 1908.